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The Best Air and Sea Transportation for International Shipping

Businesses operating on a worldwide scale must decide whether form of international transportation is the most efficient and cost effective… air freight or ocean freight? The definite answer is that there is none. It is dependent on the customer and their unique shipping requirements. As such, it is critical for a shipping and logistics entity’s services to be a well-established commodity in both entities. At Zircon Logistics, secure freight transit through air or sea is a foregone conclusion.

The ocean shipping route has gained prominence in recent years due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness. With reliable on-time transportation to both domestic and international ports, Zircon Logistics’ ocean shipping branch exemplifies why an increasing number of organizations prefer trustworthy water freight transit. For those who are unfamiliar, maritime freight is delivered in a high-quality shipping container. Mediterranean ocean freight and international ocean cargo shipping are assured, demonstrating the efficacy of our logistical solutions. China shipping is offered, as is harbor freight shipping to other Asian ports of call, Ontario and Quebec in Canada, and ports spanning from New York to Seattle in the United States.

While ocean shipping has become a more practical kind of transport, there is a limit to the quantity of air freight that can be moved through water. Air shipping remains the most efficient and cost-effective method of shipping products that fall into the categories of smaller shipments, express shipments, high-value shipments, and time-sensitive shipments. By utilizing air shipping containers, our superior logistics management solutions enable us to continuously offer on-time and safe air freight services. The decision between air and ocean transportation is a subjective one that is determined by the unique demands of each business.

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